Vidyo Recognized by World Economic Forum as 2013 Technology Pioneer

It is with great esteem that Vidyo, a provider of multi-platform videoconferencing solutions, can say we have been selected as a 2013 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

It is an immense honor given the rigorous nature of the selection process and the exceptional caliber of entrants. The World Economic Forum recognizes the most important work done by companies that aim to transform the way businesses and society work. Videoconferencing is impacting a wildly diverse group of people, from varying industries and specialties all over the world, and while it may not be intuitively glamorous, videoconferencing is significantly impacting the way we communicate. It is changing peoples’ lives every day. While geographic and global boundaries remain unchanged, economic, political, and technological boundaries have become tremendously blurred. People work for companies and organizations with outposts and offices all over the world. Communication expectations are commiserate with this new reality, which demands global collaboration to stay abreast of competitors. A multitude of technologies helps make this a possibility. VidyoConferencing™ is one of them.

Vidyo gives people greater access to real-time visual communication by allowing individuals to meet via their regular desktops, tablets, or mobile devices- as well as in telepresence rooms. Accessibility, high-quality, and affordability are three key reasons Vidyo enables a wider group of people to communicate through videoconferencing. Through patented technology innovation, Vidyo brings price performance in line with user expectations. It brings the quality reserved for board rooms to where it needs to be: the everyday communication between small and large businesses, educational institutions, medical facilities in rural areas, and much more.

Let’s say a doctor in North America wants to train medical students in earthquake-devastated Haiti, or medical professionals want to share the latest groundbreaking information and documents with their colleagues in another part of the world. Vidyo’s high-quality, affordable videoconferencing platform has made all of these scenarios a reality. We provide access to people anywhere and over any device. This face-to-face communication allows for recognition of the cultural, social, and emotional nuances that so often get lost over the phone and email. In short, we have democratized communication by reducing the barrier of entry for ALL people all over the world — not just the most elite enterprises. This, we believe, will shape the future of global communication.

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Ofer Shapiro co-founded Vidyo in 2005 and pioneered Personal Telepresence, enabling a new generation of software-based natural, multi-point HD video conferences on desktop computers, room systems, and mobile devices. Prior to Vidyo, Ofer spent eight years at RADVISION where he was responsible for the development of the first IP video conferencing bridge and gatekeeper technology and the first commercially successful video conferencing architecture. He also served as senior vice president of business development responsible for strategic sales and relationships. Ofer was a contributor and one of the editors of the H.323 standard. Ofer has over fifteen years of experience in bringing disruptive technologies to market. He holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Physics.