Vidyo’s Personal Telepresence support for Adobe Connect 8

During the recent EDUCAUSE conference, Adobe and Vidyo demonstrated a new Vidyo plug-in for Adobe Connect and generated great enthusiasm among education professionals.

As a follow up to that positive response, today, Vidyo announced that it will support the latest version of Adobe’s enterprise Web conferencing solution, Adobe Connect 8, with a “personal telepresence” plug-in that is being jointly developed by both companies. The plug-in will integrate Vidyo and Adobe Connect using Vidyo APIs, and is the result of an ongoing collaboration to offer market leading solutions to Adobe users.

Adobe Connect 8 makes video and collaboration experiences more engaging than ever before and with this new plug-in from Vidyo, users in education, government and other markets will be able, for the first time, to seamlessly participate in telepresence-quality Vidyo conferences,” said Guillaume Privat, director of product management, Adobe Connect.

Vidyo Integrated as a Pod in Adobe Connect

Vidyo Integrated as a Pod in Adobe Connect

Here’s a clip of highlights from the EDUCAUSE 2010 conference, with interviews of Robert Schuman from Adobe, Michael Curtis from Northwestern University, F. Chad  Shepherd from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy and Michal Raz, VP of Vertical Applications here at Vidyo.

Vidyo is committed to providing the highest level of video communication products for education and government,” added Amnon Gavish, SVP of vertical solutions at Vidyo.

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  1. Where is the Vidyo plugin for Adobe Connect Pro? We have an Enterprise, locally hosted Adobe Connect server and wish to integrate to a Vidyo server.

    Lots of talk about the plugin, but no show….

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