Vidyo Joins Forces with Italian Police to Help Heighten Security for Verona Citizens

Verona, Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Italy.

Though it’s hard to imagine any criminal element in such a pastoral setting, as in any global city of interest and importance, Verona depends on national and regional law enforcement to keep crime at a minimum and provide a safe, secure environment for its citizens and visitors.

Last year, Questura di Verona – the police department of Verona – recognized they needed to find a way to synchronize and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies during criminal investigations and in day-to-day interactions. They needed to create a single virtual communications center where the different regional police forces could exchange important information and be in continual visual and audio contact. After thoroughly investigating all of the evidence, they chose Vidyo.

According to Dr. Vincenzo Stingone, the Head of Questura di Verona, “We had a limited budget but high expectations of what we wanted in a videoconferencing system. It was important that the quality of the video and audio was extremely good and that anyone, no matter where they were located, could connect to the communications system. We looked at other solutions, but they were not only too expensive, but also did not deliver the quality and the ease-of-use and access over the Internet that is possible with Vidyo.

Dr Vincenzo Stingone, Head of Questura di Verona

Our ‘virtual operations room’ has been a huge success throughout the law enforcement groups in our region. We have been using Vidyo 24/7 every day since it was first deployed. It has dramatically improved communications and reduced costs associated with our criminal investigations and beyond. The amount of time we had to travel to meet at the various locations has been hugely decreased since a much lower number of physical meetings are required to manage daily operations.”

Case closed.

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Vidyo… South of the Border

Latin America is HOT on videoconferencing and Vidyo has just raised the temperature by a few more degrees!

Commlogik, one of  the largest and most respected distributors in Latin America, is now offering Vidyo personal telepresence to customers in Central and South America where there’s a big demand for a telepresence quality multipoint solution that can be easily accessed via the Internet and other general purpose IP networks.

According to Alexandre Hebra, VP Operations, Commlogik Corporation: “We see a tremendous technology void in the ‘personal telepresence’ space that only Vidyo can fill. Our relationship with Vidyo allows us to not only expand our customer base into areas where high quality video has been cost prohibitive, but also enables us to now offer business quality personal telepresence systems.”

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Everything You Should Know About Videoconferencing: Introducing the Vidyo Blog!

Welcome to the very first entry of our official “Vidyo Blog” – another milestone for a company that has amassed quite a number of milestones over the past 2+ years.   Since we launched the company and our first products in January 2008, we have been recognized as market innovators by publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Business Week, received numerous awards such as Best of Interop (twice!), and have been cited as THE disruptive technology that is positively changing the way business, healthcare practitioners, schools, and others perceive and use videoconferencing to save time, money and extend the reach of critical collaboration and communication functions in their organizations.

There are a variety of reasons why Vidyo is regarded as the “next generation” of videoconferencing technology and products.  No other videoconferencing products or technology has ever been able to achieve multiparty (not just a few … we’re talking 100+ participants), telepresence-quality videoconferencing using “non-QoS” networks.  No other solution can offer such high quality and functionality as cost-effectively as we can.  Simply put – our customers participate in affordable, business-class, multipoint HD videoconferences simply by connecting via the Internet on their laptops, desktops, net books and room systems – and soon … on their smartphones and tablets!  WHEREVER you are – at home, hotel room, in the field, waiting at an airport … as long as you have an Internet connection you can quickly and easily be VidyoConferencing with your colleagues, customers or whomever.

If it sounds like we’re jazzed about videoconferencing – we are!  In this blog, we hope to share our enthusiasm and our cumulative knowledge with you.

These inaugural postings, today, offer a small sampling of the types of items you’ll find in weeks to come.  We will do our best to keep the Vidyo “hype” to a minimum and, rather, establish this blog as a valuable resource offering interesting and essential links, relevant information, and commentary by videoconferencing experts.

Of course, we welcome your feedback and will try to address all questions and comments.  You can send those to Of course you can also learn more about us by using our web site:

Thanks much for stopping by.  We hope that you’ll visit the Vidyo blog on a regular basis for everything you should know about videoconferencing!