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Workflow is King in the Realm of Telehealth

A lot has changed in the telehealth landscape over the past 5 years. Technology has improved to grant greater access to patients well beyond the metaphorical hospital walls via consumer devices and public Internet. Patients have grown comfortable with video as the new audio through pervasive consumer offerings used in daily life. Policies have changed,  Read More

See Vidyo’s Extensive Reach in Telemedicine at ATA 2016

The biggest show in telemedicine, American Telemedicine Association’s annual conference ATA 2016, will descend upon Minneapolis May 14-17 and Vidyo’s technology will be displayed in force! From fully customized integrations with medical carts and Electronic Health Record (EHR systems) to new and innovative applications that truly bring healthcare to the home, Vidyo continues to extend  Read More

Vidyo Supports Disaster Relief Efforts In India

When disasters hit, coordinating the logistics of on-site aid isn’t always a feasible task. Communications are often impaired making it next to impossible to effectively communicate with relief teams. With the help of communication technologies, the nature of emergency and disaster response is changing and video communication, in particular, has shown to play an increasingly  Read More

Talking Telemedicine: What’s Trending in Healthcare

In 2015, all but eight states introduced at least one bill related to telemedicine to their state legislature. What’s more, state lawmakers floated a total of 200 bills across the country.* It’s clear that the policy hurdles that were once significant barriers to telemedicine are rapidly becoming enablers. Vidyo’s line of sight into the telemedicine  Read More