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Who’s First? The Race for Mobile Video Conferencing…

October 14 2011 | Author: Marty Hollander

Who was first? Others have called out Polycom for making this false claim. While Vidyo was both first to demo multipoint video conferencing on a mobile device (January 2010 in Paul Otellini’s CES keynote (provide link)) as well as deliver multi-party videoconferencing on a smartphone and tablet, the real issue for enterprise decision makers is not about who is first, but about who can deliver a complete solution. With the memory of Steve Jobs still in sharp focus, I’m reminded that it is not about a specific product, but about delivering for the user the most satisfying effortless experience.

Video Conferencing on the iPad, iPhone and Android Tablets and Smartphones

October 6 2011 | Author: Mark Noble

While VidyoMobile makes it possible to participate in unbelievably high quality multi-party video conferences over the broadband mobile network while you’re barreling down the highway, only do so from the passenger seat! Texting while driving has become a significant road hazard and is responsible for countless accidents—and texting has very limited engagement.  Just imagine how … continue reading

Vidyo Wins Best of Interop Award

May 12 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

Just got back from Interop 2011 in Las Vegas … and did not return empty handed! Vidyo won the Best of Interop award in the Collaboration category, for delivering video communications and collaboration on mobile devices via its recently announced VidyoMobile product! This is the 3rd time Vidyo has won Best of Interop in this category over the past 4 years.

Massachusetts General Hospital Selects Vidyo for Telestroke Program

April 28 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

Vidyo today, announced that the Partners Healthcare Telestroke Program at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) – supporting 27 hospitals throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine — has deployed a revolutionary telemedicine communication and collaboration solution based on Vidyo’s platform. The Vidyo telehealth solution will be used for video conferencing and sharing data to enable specialists from MGH to examine patients at remote hospitals miles away to diagnose and recommend treatments. MGH selected Vidyo for the next stage of its telestroke program.

Vidyo Taking Mobile Video Conferencing to the Enterprise

April 21 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

Today, Vidyo announced VidyoMobile, a groundbreaking solution enabling enterprise mobile users on iOS or Android-based smart phones or tablets to join multipoint video conferences with desktops and HD room system participants.

Vidyo Wins 2011 Mobile Video Conferencing Award at CTIA

March 23 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

Another Vidyo milestone took place at last night’s 2011 MobileTrax Wireless Innovators Dinner – an annual event that is part of CTIA, honoring excellence within the mobile computing and wireless data communications industry over the past year. In front of an audience that included senior executives, venture capitalists, investment bankers, industry analysts and media, Vidyo received the 2011 Mobile Trax Mobility Award for Enterprise Mobility / Mobile Video Conferencing. We’re especially proud of this award since we’ve worked so hard to break new ground in video conferencing for mobile devices.

iPad 2: Vidyo conference! See it now!

March 15 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

Guess it’s no surprise that the iPad 2 is selling like hotcakes. Some analysts estimate that Apple may have sold as many as 500,000 iPad 2s over its debut weekend. With another industry first, the Vidyo Platform now not only supports Apple’s just released iPad™ 2, but also Motorola’s XOOM tablet and the Atrix™ 4G smart phone.

Vidyo Scales the Wall Street Journal’s “Next Big Thing” List!

March 10 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

Vidyo was ranked 11th this year out of over 10,000 VC-backed companies, moving up from the 35th spot last year. And what a year it’s been! We’re seeing the market strongly embrace our VidyoRouter architecture, which affirms what we’ve asserted from the start – Natural, Universal and Affordable VidyoTechnology and products are driving the next-generation of video communications and collaboration. Our platform has been chosen and deployed by leading unified communications companies such as HP and Ricoh, international telecom carriers like KDDI and Elisa Corporation, and continues to win major accounts in enterprise and vertical markets.

Vidyo extends HD video conferencing to thousands of endpoints, reduces cost up to 90% and offers free firewall traversal

February 23 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

The new VidyoRouter Cloud Edition allows video conferencing users to get amazing HD video communications from anywhere, on any network, with cost reduced by up to 90%, and free and safe firewall traversal. VidyoRouter Cloud Edition will be key in an IT manager’s arsenal as he balances the challenges of increased user demand for video communications on mobile devices, desktops and room systems with the need to contain network costs.

Vidyo Wakes up Al Roker and the Weather Channel

January 28 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

In case you missed this, in early January, Al Roker – from The Today Show – featured Vidyo on his other morning broadcast on the Weather Channel, “Wake Up With Al.” He was highlighting coolest of the cool products at CES, and Vidyo was s featured a segment on hot tablets. Al was clearly impressed with our product and demonstrated that he knows the correct way to spell V-I-D-Y-O! Take a look!


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