Chunghwa is Third Telecom Carrier to Select Vidyo

In the past few months, we’ve told you about our exciting partnerships with telecom carriers such as KDDI and Elisa…  and today, another telecom giant joins the ranks of those who are now using Vidyo’s next-generation HD video communications and collaboration platform. Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) is the largest telecommunication service provider in Taiwan and one of the largest in Asia in terms of revenue. Chunghwa is now “Vidyo-empowered” and will be able to offer an affordable solution based on Vidyo’s unique video communication and collaboration platform.

According to Frank Chen, Director of Business Customer Department at Chunghwa Telecom’s International Business Group, “We are now able to offer our customers an affordable and easy-to-use, high-quality video conferencing solution that is based on Vidyo’s innovative IP which leverages their next generation architecture based on SVC compression technology to uniquely eliminate the expensive transcoding MCU and its lower quality.”

“Because of Vidyo’s differentiated, award-winning solution, Chunghwa’s business users are able to access telepresence-quality video communications and collaboration services over bandwidth-guaranteed circuits and a wide variety of best-effort networks, whether on the go, in the office or at home,” said Ofer Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of Vidyo.


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Noteworthy News from the Nordic

Another video conferencing FIRST was announced today: The FIRST video conferencing service that lets business users engage in HD room and desktop video conferencing VIA THEIR SMART PHONES AND TABLETS.  We’re talking about enterprise-grade, multi-party, TV-quality video conferencing on your smart phone or tablet!

This goes way beyond one mobile device interacting with another mobile device.  This new mobile service from leading Nordic communications service provider, Elisa, is being piloted on the Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet. Unlike other recent announcements, this is not something that anyone has to wait for or wonder about.  It’s available today – in the Nordic region using the Elisa service on a Galaxy Tab or smart phone.

Video conferencing for Enterprises is becoming main stream. And for this reason, businesses are looking for conferencing products and technology that are MOBILE, to let anyone, anywhere participate.  They’re looking for services and solutions that let you connect to important conferences on your smart phone or tablet, along with other participants who are on room systems, desktops, laptops, etc.  If you’ve been following the news and this blog then you know that, yes, it is only Vidyo who offers the SVC-based architecture to make this possible.

[Click here to watch a clip posted in last week’s blog post that demonstrates VidyoMobile on a Samsung Galaxy]

Businesses that are investing in enterprise-grade video conferencing today need to know that the solution they choose can be leveraged, not only across room systems and desktop video communications, but will also extend beyond, into the realm of mobile devices.  They need to invest in an architecture that serves the widest variety of communications devices.  That’s why more and more service providers, such as Elisa, along with carriers, distributors, and Enterprise customers are turning to Vidyo.

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