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Federal E-Rate Program Helping K-12 Classrooms Travel the Globe

November 15 2011 | Author: Ashish Gupta

It’s easy to forget that one of the greatest discoveries of modern science began with a field trip. An inquisitive undergraduate at Cambridge University with a fascination for the natural world was given an opportunity to leave the classroom and set sail. This voyage from England to the shores of South America resulted in the theory of natural selection and catapulted the amateur naturalist, Charles Darwin, into the history books.

We can all recall participating in field trips of our own during our school years. Those bumpy rides at the back of museum-bound yellow buses may have helped us identify with Darwin’s bouts with seasickness, but our destination was most likely some place across town and not the exotic Galapagos. New technology, however, is helping resurrect the adventuresome spirit of Darwin, offering children access to learning opportunities not just around the block but around the globe.

Who’s First? The Race for Mobile Video Conferencing…

October 14 2011 | Author: Marty Hollander

Who was first? Others have called out Polycom for making this false claim. While Vidyo was both first to demo multipoint video conferencing on a mobile device (January 2010 in Paul Otellini’s CES keynote (provide link)) as well as deliver multi-party videoconferencing on a smartphone and tablet, the real issue for enterprise decision makers is not about who is first, but about who can deliver a complete solution. With the memory of Steve Jobs still in sharp focus, I’m reminded that it is not about a specific product, but about delivering for the user the most satisfying effortless experience.

Vidyo wins Frost & Sullivan Video Conferencing Award

September 12 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

Vidyo was honored tonight as the recipient of the 2011 winner of the Frost & Sullivan Global Product Differentiation Excellence Award for Videoconferencing Infrastructure Systems.

Legal Industry is Poised for Explosive Growth in Personal Telepresence

August 18 2011 | Author: Marty Hollander

Time is an expensive commodity. And few industries price time higher than in the legal profession. So utilizing video conferencing to collaborate more efficiently and eliminate costly travel time, has been a high priority for law firms. A very large percentage of legal work involves collaboration, whether that is for attorneys working as a team or negotiating with counterparts representing the other side. While the legal profession has recognized the value of being able to meet face-to-face to accomplish their work, the video conferencing tools they’ve used have mainly been room-based. This experience has not been compelling because they’ve sat at traditional conference tables and had the experience of seeing their counterparts as barely recognizable figures around a large table. Well, times are changing for law firms, and today we just shared the Vedder Price story. Vedder Price upgraded from their Polycom legacy past to the modern Vidyo world.

Vidyo Wins Large Telemedicine Network Deal

August 5 2011 | Author: Amnon Gavish

Since we first introduced Vidyo for Healthcare 15 months ago, we have met and worked with many visionary individuals and healthcare groups who are dedicated to furthering telemedicine practices in their respective regions. Our most recent partnership has been with the Ontario Telemedicine Network, an enterprise that has been pioneering province-wide telemedicine programs for many years. Through this experience, OTN developed a sophisticated management system that covers all aspects of a large scale telemedicine deployment.

Overcoming Network Limitations for Universal Video Conferencing

July 27 2011 | Author: Young-Sae Song

The promise of video conferencing offers benefits that are appealing to almost any company:  employees can collaborate across geographies and time zones without the need to travel, saving companies money and improving the work life balance.   As a result, employees are happier and more productive.  Although the adoption of video conferencing has steadily increased, one … continue reading

Cisco’s InfoComm Announcements – What Were They Thinking?

July 1 2011 | Author: Marty Hollander

Cisco made a big deal about a set of Telepresence announcements on June 14th that in any other industry would have been labeled as “bug fixes” and “playing catch up”. These announcements put into question how much in touch is Cisco with the industry or perhaps, Cisco thinks that their customers are unaware of what is going on in the market outside of “CiscoVille”.

VidyoPanorama: Personal Telepresence with Immersive Interactions

June 8 2011 | Author: Young-Sae Song

Vidyo has pioneered a new way to do video conferencing that redefines the telepresence paradigm. VidyoPanorama is a solution that enables personal telepresence with immersive interactions. The experience is personal because we enable video conferencing over any device including PCs (Win, Mac, Linux), mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android), and other room systems. The experience is immersive with 1080p60 resolution, which is the highest resolution offered in a telepresence solution today.

Vidyo’s Telemedicine Platform Selected by Holy Cross Hospital

May 18 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

Vidyo’s versatile telehealth solution is being embraced globally by leading medical establishments (American Well, Massachusetts General Hospital, etc.), and today, Holy Cross Hospital’s innovative Virtual Care Services in Silver Spring, Maryland, is joining the healthcare revolution. Holy Cross is using Vidyo’s technology to connect with patients, caregivers and other providers beyond the limits of the hospital, including extended care facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and even the homes of patients and their families.

Vidyo Drives SVC Leadership & Interoperability with RFC 6190

May 13 2011 | Author: Team Vidyo

Further evidence of Vidyo’s long term leadership in bringing standards and interoperability to H.264 SVC-based systems! RFC 6190 is more than random letters and numbers… RFC stands for “Request for Comments” – which is what a finalized standards specification is named to indicate that it is “fixed” (will not change) and can be implemented. This particular RFC was accomplished, in large part, due to the efforts of two renowned Vidyo technologists, Dr. Alex Eleftheriadis and Dr. Stephan Wenger, who were among the 4 experts in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) who co-authored the specification.


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