Vidyo Wakes up Al Roker and the Weather Channel

In case you missed this,  in early January, Al Roker – from The Today Show – featured Vidyo on his other morning broadcast on the Weather Channel, “Wake Up With Al.” He was highlighting the coolest of the cool products at CES, and Vidyo was a featured segment on hot tablets. Al was clearly impressed with our product and demonstrated that he knows the correct way to spell  V-I-D-Y-O!

Take a look!

2 thoughts on “Vidyo Wakes up Al Roker and the Weather Channel

  1. Hello there Nick!

    There might be a way to hook up a webcam to an iPad. I’ve heard that Logitech is going to release one soon that is specifically designed for the iPad. For now, the iPad is used to participate in the call by voice and to view other participants and presentations, etc. As you know, there’s an extremely high chance that we’ll see a front-facing camera on the next iPad as well… 😉

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