Vidyo Scales the Wall Street Journal’s “Next Big Thing” List!

For the second year in a row, Vidyo made it on the Wall Street Journal’s “Next Big Thing” list of the 50 top venture-backed companies in the U.S.

Vidyo was ranked 11th this year out of over 10,000 VC-backed companies, moving up from the 35th spot last year.  And what a year it’s been!  We’re seeing the market strongly embrace our VidyoRouter architecture, which affirms what we’ve asserted from the start – Natural, Universal and Affordable VidyoTechnology and products are driving the next-generation of video communications and collaboration.  Our platform has been chosen and deployed by leading unified communications companies such as HP and Ricoh, international telecom carriers like KDDI and Elisa Corporation, and continues to win major accounts in enterprise and vertical markets.

We are one of 14 companies to make the WSJ’s  list twice, though some of those moved DOWN on the list. The ranking is based on the following:

People matter: A history of success for both investors and executives suggests future success.

More money is better: A firm with more capital to deploy than its competitors will have an advantage.

Growth is good: Companies with higher valuations for their equity are more successful than smaller ones.

Intangibles abound: Company success can’t be reduced to an equation.

We’re honored to be named again to this year’s Top 50 list and look forward to leading the shift in the market away from legacy solutions towards affordable, natural, and universally available video communications that know no bounds!


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