Vidyo Crosses the Pond

They say Claridge’s of London is “Fit for a King” so, for our humble purposes, it was more than a fitting spot for Vidyo’s first formal introduction to the UK press.  Along with one of Vidyo’s most valuable partners, Imago, we hosted a luncheon that royally combined intelligent exchanges of information and the building of professional ties and relationships with new media colleagues.  Other than the requisite jet-lag from having just gotten back, I’m happy to report that it was a smashing success!

The intent of the gathering was to present the UK media with news about Vidyo and Imago’s new alliance that positions Imago as the first European “hosted distributor” of Vidyo’s unique video conferencing solution. The hosted service, VaaS-t (Video as a Service-trade only), is built on Vidyo’s award-winning technology and will be available to Imago’s resellers to offer to their end-customers via a subscription model; eliminating the need to deploy any conferencing infrastructure.

Ultimately, the lively lunch conversation expanded far beyond this one announcement and became much more about the overall video conferencing market, its challenges and its projected growth.  It was a great event for all who attended!

Among the attendees were key trade journalists, including editors from AV Magazine, InAVate, and Installation Europe, who were brought up to speed on how Vidyo’s technology solves a variety of business challenges seen in the market today, as well as how Vidyo is creating a new ecosystem for service-based consumption and as a result, has spurred analysts to predict a market that could easily grow to $22B.

When journalists asked about the Vidyo-Imago service, itself — what was included,  and possible challenges for 24/7 support —  Ian Vickerage, Managing Director at Imago, explained the emphasis Imago will place on support, and reiterated the importance of providing end-users with an affordable, telepresence-quality visual communication service that can easily be accessed over the Internet.

For me, it was a quick but rewarding visit to London.  Although VidyoConferencing is typically my “method of choice” for meetings (of course!) … it’s always great to have the opportunity to physically be in the same room with reporters, especially those from far off places who are willing to freely share their excitement around our industry. Both literally and figuratively, much ground was covered; Gordon Ramsay’s signature Beef Wellington and Risotto were delish!  All in all a good and informative time was had by all.

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Ashish is Vidyo’s CMO and Senior Vice President, Corporate Development. Ashish joins Vidyo having successfully led product marketing, product management, channels and business development teams in unified communication, collaboration, mobile and telecom companies with a focus on growing and scaling the business. Previously, Ashish led the Business Development and Strategy team for Microsoft Office Division’s Unified Communications Group. He also led Microsoft’s Channel Sales and Marketing team for Real Time Communications, led and managed key Microsoft Office and Unified Communications and Collaboration strategic alliances and co-led key strategic initiatives. Prior to Microsoft, Ashish was VP of Product and Solutions at Alcatel/Genesys Telecommunications, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Telera Inc., management consultant for Braxton/Deloitte Consulting, and held marketing leadership positions at HP and Covad. Ashish has an MBA from UCLA and a Bachelors in Economics and Computer Science from Grinnell College.

3 thoughts on “Vidyo Crosses the Pond

  1. We have had such a horrible experience with Vidyo. The system is totally unreliable. Promises to fix things have not worked. Invited guests can’t get on and have a difficult time figuring out the devices piece. I regret all of the money we have sunk into this so called low cost video solution. GTM is working just fine and is not as tempermental.

  2. Steve, all (not just Vidyo) require some set up. I am surprised to here about your issues, o have installed over 30 setups, all successful in variety of situations..

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