VidyoCast Brings its New Cloud-Based Broadcasting Solution

Today at the IBC 2010 Conference in Amsterdam, Vidyo announced the launch of a new business unit, VidyoCast — a suite of products and services for broadcasters and TV stations that deliver video transmission, contribution and control solutions.

Typically, the use of satellite or fiber for content acquisition and transmission is very costly. In addition broadcast grade video processing equipment requires a major upfront capital investment. VidyoCast’s modular product suite supports each element in the broadcast production value chain – content acquisition, production and programming, distribution to affiliates, and distribution to consumers – using broadband links (including the Internet) as transport for video transmission – at 1/10 of the cost of satellite.

If you’re already familiar with Vidyo’s innovative approach to videoconferencing, you probably have guessed that VidyoCast uses broadband connections, including the Internet… not traditional fiber or satellite links. This automatically allows broadcasters a level of flexibility that is not possible with fiber or satellite connections.  A small number of solutions have tried to use the Internet, but because general IP networks are error prone and unreliable, broadcasters can’t count on the stability of those connections.  The difference is that VidyoCast offers RELIABILITY over the Internet.

VidyoCast products and services have been developed using the same H.264 SVC-based VidyoTechnology that has been cited as a “market-shifting” boon to the videoconferencing industry.  At its core is a built-in layer of reliability at the encoding level… allowing for smooth and reliable HD video transmission at the speed of life over error-prone networks such as the Internet.

Check  out the VidyoCast announcement and our new VidyoCast website.