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VidyoConnect for HipChat is Here

VidyoConnect for HipChat is Here

Messaging apps have become a lifesaver in the business world, helping us to (almost) arrive at inbox zero and get more things done every day. Integrating HD video into your communications tools should be as simple and seamless as possible. Today, we are happy to announce that our HipChat integration is live – click here  Read More

Blog Series: Business Challenges solved by Cloud Collaboration Part 1 – Connecting Highly Mobile Employees

In this four-part blog series, we’ll explore the top business challenges solved by cloud-based video collaboration. Part one focuses on connecting highly mobile employee roles that can be found in any industry, like field sales, field services, and consultants. And some industries have even greater needs for reliable mobile collaboration, like manufacturing, oil & gas, and healthcare. As  Read More

WebRTC + Cloud Video Conferencing: A Perfect Storm for B2B & B2C Collaboration

When it comes to enabling B2B and B2C video collaboration, cloud-based video-conferencing is changing the way enterprises communicate. The benefit of cloud-delivered video goes beyond cost-savings: it provides technical and architectural advantages to solving the real-world challenge of connecting external participants, like customers, partners, clients and patients. In fact, external collaboration is the leading driver for IT managers to move  Read More