What started out as a temporary fix to continue court hearings during the lockdown, has proven to yield many benefits that in-person court lacked. However, we are still in the infancy of virtual court solutions, so there is still a lot to learn about how to utilize this technology to the best of its ability. As we continue on this journey with remote judicial proceedings, we will be able to maximize all the possible benefits and ensure that it is as good as in-person hearings, if not better in many cases.

Before we get into the “How”, we need to start with the “What”. So, what are virtual court solutions? Virtual court solutions provide courts with the necessary tools to hold court proceedings via video conferencing. Participants can share evidence, important documents, and necessary paperwork virtually. Virtual court hearings can be hybrid, where some people attend remotely and others are in person, or a completely virtual court hearing, where everyone is remote.

How Does it All Work

Regardless of location, participants can join the conference from any computer, laptop, or tablet. Vidyo’s virtual court solution caters to multiple needs in the judicial system, including court proceedings, correctional facilities, and conferencing for lawyers. Participants can exchange documents related to their legal case without worrying about sacrificing privacy, thanks to Vidyo’s HIPAA compliance.

During conferences, participants can record and transcribe conversations, making it easy to keep track of conversations and avoid missing critical information. All of which are vital in legal proceedings. Some other ways remote court proceedings can be beneficial are:

Problems it Solves

  1. Less travel time – remote hearings save money on travel and eliminate geographical barriers for anyone wishing to participate in a court hearing.
  2. More accessibility – virtual judicial proceedings offer easier access for participation. Some examples include family and friends showing support, witness testimonies, and increasing access to legal services.
  3. Saves money – travel, loss of work, and childcare are just some of the additional expenses a person might see for an in-person court proceeding.

How to be Successful

Preparedness – A lack of preparedness can dramatically slow down court hearings. Remote court solutions are a new concept to many people, so naturally, it will take time to familiarize ourselves with this new technology.

  1. Download and install the conferencing platform you will be using in advance. This step will allow you to get comfortable using the solution and be as effective as possible during the court process.
  2. Organize your paperwork or any important documentation you may need during the court proceeding. It’s easy to lose track of a virtual document on your drive, which can waste precious time searching for it if you don’t properly organize documents in advance.

A quiet space – Just because you’re at home doesn’t make remote court any less formal. Find a quiet space with no distractions in your home for your video conference. Ideally, with good lighting and a clean background.

Time management – The steps above are meaningless if you don’t allocate enough time to get set up for your virtual hearing and log in. Although remote court proceedings do not require travel, it’s still important you set aside enough time to log in and make sure everything you need is available to you.

Virtual Court Solution Features

Breakout rooms – During the meeting, the judge or moderator can assign breakout rooms to attendees, allowing you to privately speak to your legal team without signing out of the meeting.

APIs – Rapidly embed rich communications into any web, mobile or desktop apps, including existing business workflows.

Recording and transcription services – Provide a thorough record of proceedings with video and transcription to review at a later date.

Embedded chat – Even if you’re not in a private breakout room, you can still privately communicate with your legal team without being a distraction. Vidyos embedded chat feature allows you to

Video quality – Vidyos virtual court solution offers a high-quality 4K video service that delivers crystal clear video. Ensuring the remote court conference is as close to the in-person experience as possible.

The Future is Video

Although virtual court proceedings gained popularity due to Covid-19 halting all in-person meetings, it’s clear that it yields multiple benefits that enhance the judicial process. It’s unlikely that video conferencing will completely replace all in-person interactions, but it clearly has its place in the courtroom and should always be an option for participants. Get started with a virtual court solution you can trust and get in contact directly with a judicial expert today.