They say hindsight is 20/20. With the gift of more information and context, hindsight allows us to evaluate past choices more clearly than we could in the moment. Credit unions that have deployed video technology are experiencing this now. We asked some of our credit union clients, “What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your video implementation journey that you know now?”

“Always go with the vendor’s recommendation,” laughed Sharon Lee, senior digital channel manager for Baxter Credit Union. “We should’ve listened to the Vidyo team. Don’t try to jam your software into another vendor’s hardware. If we had not done that, it would’ve made our life so much easier.”

Another credit union client replied, “An early concern of ours was, ‘Will everyone accept this?’ We initially thought that our members would never go for this new technology. We wondered if our older members would accept it. We wondered if our Latino members would have concerns about language. We were proven wrong. They’re getting service faster, they’re able to communicate with someone in their own language, and they’re exposed to a new way of doing business. Our bias was wrong.”

Derek Williams, chief operating officer for BluCurrent Credit Union in Springfield, Missouri, echoed those sentiments. “Wondering how our members would respond was a concern for us as well,” he said. “But I would advise any credit union beginning their video journey to be willing to keep an open mind. Members across all demographics have responded very well in all of our branches. Convenience is one of the most important things members want, so if we can put time back in their day, we’re adding a lot of value. They all appreciate that.”

Embrace these lessons learned during video implementation should your credit union embark on its video technology journey so that you won’t one day say, “I wish I knew then what I know now.”

This blog post’s content is derived from Vidyo’s Financial Services Online Forum and is one in a series of three. Look for the subsequent posts soon.

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