The unparalleled connectivity of 5G looks set to revolutionize communications for organizations, customers, and end-users. The emerging mobile connectivity standard will have a particularly powerful effect on video conferencing. It should banish the frustration of running around a building to find a signal minutes before an important meeting.

The Benefits of 5G

The key advantage of 5G will be speed — it boasts network speeds more than 20-times faster and stronger than the current 4G standard. Bandwidth will also increase dramatically which, combined with the huge speed increase, means network users will be able to download, stream, and video conference to their heart’s content whenever and wherever they are.

5G will also massively improve the quality and reliability of connections. The enhanced speed and bandwidth will result in fewer dropped connections and allow more devices to operate on networks at the same time.

The good news is that this new dawn of mobile connectivity isn’t a distant reality. U.S. providers like AT&T and T-Mobile already claim to have a low-band form of 5G running nationwide. Meanwhile, Verizon says it has fast, high band 5G operating in parts of 35 cities across the U.S.

How 5G Will Enhance Video Conferencing

Faster networks, more reliable connections, and increased bandwidth will have a major impact on the quality of video conferencing. 5G networks will be able to support high-definition (HD) and even three-dimensional (3D) video without delays, interruptions, or latency. This means crystal-clear video conferencing with no lags affecting that important business call.

Additionally, 5G will enable users to connect with their colleagues, customers, and partners at any time and anywhere. This means there will be no need to rush back to the office or delay a meeting since video conferencing apps will be able to host high-quality calls on 5G networks.

The advance in video quality and speed of networks will also usher in new innovations in video conferencing. This begins with Ultra HD becoming the standard for video calls. But we will also see additions like holographic and 360-degree video calling features making digital interactions more personal and impactful.

Vidyo’s Role in 5G Video Conferencing

Vidyo is perfectly poised to drive the 5G video conferencing revolution and enable users and organizations to get the best possible video connections every time.

Any device capability

Vidyo already prioritizes being both browser- and mobile-based. This feature enables businesses to achieve the best possible video quality no matter where their users are located or what quality of network they’re using.

Optimal video experiences

Vidyo allows organizations to bring advanced levels of human interaction to their apps. Its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable businesses to embed rich communications into any web, mobile, or desktop app. They also dramatically reduce the complexity of building cross-platform, interactive video quickly.

With the benefit of 5G, Vidyo will be able to extend these video experiences to everyone, whenever and wherever they need them. Industries this will impact include:

  • Healthcare: Doctors, healthcare experts, and therapists will be able to provide vital clinical care and support to their patients whenever they need it. Vidyo’s telehealth solutions already bolster patient satisfaction, clinical efficiency, and continuous care levels — but 5G will extend these possibilities.
  • Manufacturing: Engineers will be able to fix technical issues with manufacturers’ machinery at any time. Also, experts will be able to connect with sites remotely and carry out high-quality video calls at any time on 5G networks.
  • Education: Students and teachers no longer need to be in the same room to ensure a great quality of education. 5G will help students get the support they need when they need it while learning online.

Top-quality video

The Vidyo platform provides enterprise-grade quality alongside healthcare-grade privacy and patented routing technology. This ensures users are guaranteed clear video that enables them to attend vital business meetings, doctors’ appointments, school lessons, and conversational calls.

Adding 5G to the mix will enhance the quality Vidyo offers, ensuring the most reliable connections delivering stunning 4K and 5K video calls any time and on any device.

Discover how Vidyo can help your business embrace the new age of video conferencing with 5G.