Diversity awareness is fast becoming one of the most important and widely discussed issues in the world today, for a host of reasons, both within the business world and in life outside the office. It is the key to managing conflicts, ranging from everyday tasks to changing the world.

The Aspen Institute Stevens Initiative, named after U.S Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who died in Benghazi, recently announced the opening of their second global competition to fund innovative virtual exchange programs that are helping young people across the U.S, the Middle East and North Africa better understand each other and their diverse cultures.

Alongside the Bezos Family Foundation and the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, we are proud to be a partner in the project, making sure that these virtual exchanges that rely heavily on video chat run amazingly well thanks to Vidyo’s unbeatable level of clarity, flexibility and reliability.

The Stevens Initiative is helping young people from opposite parts of the world succeed in an increasingly fast-paced, diverse and complex global landscape that will require a higher level of cultural knowledge, empathy and awareness. The goal is to foster respect and open authentic dialogues that are based on our common ground.

“As someone who has lived and worked in many places, including the Middle East, Africa, APAC, Europe and North America, I know first-hand how important it is for the next generation to understand cultural diversity,” said Vidyo CEO Eran Westman. “We are proud to be a partner in this meaningful project.”

Read the official announcement: Stevens Initiative Opens Global Competition to Fund Virtual Exchange Programs Connective Youth in the United States, Middle East, and North Africa

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