Video collaboration for increased customer engagement leads to happier customers, happier employees, reduced churn and the ability to solve more problems and get more things done daily. If simplicity is the future of customer engagement, then video chat is here to stay.

Whether on a desktop, through a kiosk or on a smartphone or tablet, assistance arriving in-person via video has never looked better to customers who are on the hunt for answers. At Enterprise Connect 2017, come see our VidyoEngage for Genesys demo at booth #1906, as we show how high-quality, flexible video collaboration can transform the customer experience and create customer loyalty for your brand. Today’s customers are on-the-go, and doing more with less, making video the most convenient way to get them the help they need in a pinch.

Join our webinar with Genesys on 3/30 to learn why video collaboration is the next big thing in customer engagement, and how organizations are turning to video to create loyal customers.

Vidyo at Enterprise Connect 2017

Adding video collaboration to your customer engagement arsenal is easier than ever before. Fitting natively into the Genesys workflow with routing and reporting, high-quality video calls can be started from within Genesys without having to launch a separate application, making it easier for enterprise organizations to be agile, nimble and customer-focused. Using VidyoEngage for Genesys, you can rest assured that your video calls will enjoy industry-leading resilience and quality.

Video is taking skills-based routing to the next level. When customers can quickly and easily speak face-to-face with contact center representatives who have the expert insight they need, regardless of any geographic boundaries, their engagement with your brand can go from a possibly frustrating experience to a delightful one – building fans, and not just customers.

Video collaboration gives customers the best of both worlds: the face-to-face, personal touch that great customer relationships are built on, combined with the ease and convenience of being able to connect face-to-face from anywhere, on virtually any device. Vidyo’s patented adaptive layering and routing technologies provide Genesys users and their customers with the highest-quality video and best resilience over mobile, whether participants are joining over 4G or variable wifi networks or bad bandwidth connections. For Genesys users, video collaboration improves response time, increases customer satisfaction and lowers costs.

Check out VidyoEngage for Genesys at Enterprise Connect at booth #1906 and say hello to our team! Click here to learn more about the power of video for customer engagement.


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