Why Car Dealerships Need Video for a Multichannel Sales Approach

Despite consumer preference for more digital tools for the car shopping experience, many dealerships fail to connect with customers online in a relatable way. By adopting video for a multichannel car sales approach, dealerships can meet customers where they are and improve the car shopping experience.

Why It’s Time To View Video as a Long-term Investment

Companies are extending their pandemic work arrangements. Google, Ford, Siemens, and Microsoft are among the multitude of companies that have announced a permanent shift to hybrid work models.

Confronting the Growing Cybersecurity Risks in Healthcare

With healthcare systems around the globe overburdened by the pandemic, hospitals and other organizations became prime targets for cybercrime. A fundamental advantage of VidyoHealth is security, both on-premise and in the cloud.

5G for Video Conferencing

5G for Video Conferencing

The unparalleled connectivity of 5G looks set to revolutionize communications for organizations, customers, and end-users. The emerging mobile connectivity standard will have a powerful effect on video conferencing, banishing the frustration of running around a building to find a signal minutes before an important meeting.