Vidyo with HipChatMessaging apps have become a lifesaver in the business world, helping us to (almost) arrive at inbox zero and get more things done every day. Integrating HD video into your communications tools should be as simple and seamless as possible. Today, we are happy to announce that our HipChat integration is live – click here to get Vidyo for HipChat, for free.

Our integration with HipChat will let you launch high-quality, reliable multiparty video calls right from within your HipChat rooms, without having to leave your messaging app at all.

Vidyo for HipChat is free and simple to use. New to video conferencing? Here’s a quick how-to video that will make it quick and easy for IT administrators to install VidyoConnect for HipChat. After the administrator has clicked “add integration,” simply enter your organization’s VidyoCloud portal address and admin username and password – then your teams are ready to start connecting face-to-face.

VidyoUI in HipChatAfter you’ve installed, watch this video to learn how to use VidyoConnect for HipChat. To try it out, just type /vidyo, and your conference invitation will appear to your teammates. Team members then simply click the invite, and yes – starting a Vidyo call in HipChat s that simple.

Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more Vidyo product and service updates and releases. More of a Slack person? We’ve got you covered – learn more about our integration with Slack here.

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