Call Center using embedded videoThere’s always room for improvement in everything you do. That includes customer engagement — and here’s a fresh way to do that: Add embedded video to your communications applications, whether for technical support or sales.

According to the results of Vidyo’s survey, The Rise of Embedded Video Communications Report 2018, the top four use cases of this emerging technology all relate to customer communication: technical support, enterprise communications, customer engagement, and video-assisted sales.

How will your business and your customers benefit from embedded video?

Your development team will be pleased with the experience they’ll have integrating the technology into the appropriate applications. This is especially true if the team uses a communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS), ranked as the top implementation choice by survey participants. Among other benefits, CPaaS offers customizable business workflows, a fully hosted service, and little requirement for video expertise within your team.

Your customers will enjoy a more personal encounter with your staff. Face-to-face meetings greatly enhance trust and loyalty, increasing your retention rate and ability to cross-sell to existing customers.

In what devices can you deploy embedded video to best reach your customers?

Survey respondents ranked desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and the web most highly. Other devices they cited included kiosks, smart glasses, and internet of things products such as smart watches.

If you’re still hesitant about embedding video to enhance your customer communication strategies, you should know that your competitors probably aren’t waiting. Consider this: Of the survey respondents who don’t currently offer embedded video communications, nearly 66% say they expect to do so within the next 12 months. Compare that to our 2017 embedded video study, in which only 49% of respondents planned to embed video technology in the same time period — an eye-opening 35% year-over-year increase.

Once you decide to implement embedded video into your workflows, you’ll be able use this technology to improve your customer engagement in a variety of settings, all designed to build long-lasting, profitable relationships.

For more valuable information about adding embedded video to your communications applications, get The Rise of Embedded Video Communications Report 2018.

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