The Vidyo team has been hard at work to bring you our latest endpoint, the VidyoRoom™ HD-2. Hot on the heels of our recent release of the VidyoRoom HD-3, we are now introducing a new VidyoRoom system that delivers exceptional Ultra HD 4k video quality in a small compact form factor. With high quality video and small size, the VidyoRoom HD-2 is ideal for a variety of environments from huddle spaces up to board rooms.

Vidyo has a strong focus to bring the highest quality collaboration experience possible and the VidyoRoom HD-2 is no exception. It provides the ability to support a single display at Ultra HD 4K resolution for high quality content collaboration and multiparty video conferencing. Alternatively, you can drive two displays at 1080p resolution for a multiscreen viewing experience.

The VidyoRoom HD-2’s small size makes it ideal for huddle spaces where room can be at a premium. At a little over an inch thick, it can be discretely mounted in an out of the way location. Take a look at this unboxing video to see how compact the VidyoRoom HD-2 unit is.

The VidyoRoom HD-2 joins the VidyoRoom HD-3 and VidyoRoom SE products providing complete coverage for your group collaboration needs. Whether you are looking for small huddle space or a large integrated boardroom, users will be able to find a VidyoRoom system that fits their use case.

The VidyoRoom Product Line

VidyoRoom HD-2 VidyoRoom HD-3 VidyoRoom SE
Transmit 1080p60 1080p60 1080p60
4K Ultra HD Displays 1 2 1
1080p HD Displays 2 4 2
Form Factor Compact Standard Software only

The VidyoRoom HD-2 is available in two optional configurations. You can purchase the VidyoRoom HD-2 as a complete bundle including the Logitech® GROUP camera and speaker phone with the INOGENI DVI-to-USB for content sharing. Alternatively, the VidyoRoom HD-2 is available by itself so you can add your own audio and video devices.

Want to learn more about 4K conferencing? Check out the VidyoRoom HD-2 data sheet or contact your Vidyo representative.

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