Companies today go above and beyond to ensure a highly differentiated customer experience to maintain and elevate their brand. Customers interact with brands at different points and through various channels throughout their relationship. A well-handled interaction through video chat can increase brand loyalty and bring to light unexpected opportunities to build rapport while reducing customer churn.

video contact center

Contact center interactions often create friction with the customer. Customers struggle to find their way through the maze of digital options and voice response systems. But, the contact center also offers some of the greatest opportunities to engage with customers at key moments and delight them with a truly human interaction at the right time. While customer engagement is becoming increasingly transactional, self-service tools in the name of efficiency are often not enough to create a truly differentiated experience.

One of the most effective and engaging ways to empower agents is to put them face-to-face with the customer. Video-enabling a contact center allows customers and agents to form an in-person, trusting connection from any location, sometimes turning what could have been a frustrating, inefficient and impersonal experience into a compelling and communicative one. Providing customers with a personalized, convenient and productive interaction through a video-enabled contact center gives businesses a multifunctional advantage in their quest towards digital transformation. Giving customers the option to remotely connect face-to-face with an agent or expert at pivotal moments, on their terms, can significantly improve their overall experience when self-service transactions are not enough.

For agents, it is important to keep video capabilities within their contact center workflow so that escalation to video is a natural process. Vidyo’s unmatched technology seamlessly integrates into an organization’s website, app, or in-branch kiosk to provide a cutting-edge visual customer engagement experience, without disrupting workflow or presenting major upfront costs. Video chat adds the human element to digital transformation; through our work within the financial services and insurance industries, and relationships with large contact center providers such as Genesys and InContact, we have demonstrated that providing high-quality, reliable, video-enabled customer engagement is becoming invaluable for building strong customer relationships in today’s mobile, on-the-go world.

By 2018, according to research from Gartner, more than 100 of the 500 largest global business will have implemented video chat, and these forward-thinking companies are combining the high-touch human element of video, along with self-service transactions, in their customer engagement arsenal. Time is the new currency for customers looking to solve their problems – they want accurate and timely resolutions, with as little confusion as possible. The face-to-face, human element of video fills the gaps in today’s increasingly transactional, automated approach to customer engagement. Video plays a key role in creating happy, loyal customers by quickly and effectively addressing their issues, and leaving them with positive, engaging customer experiences that can be delivered from anywhere.

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