How Car Dealerships Can Use Video to Remove Barriers to Vehicle Financing and Purchase

To help consumers overcome the barriers to auto financing and boost vehicle sales, car dealerships can use video for sales and support processes.

Remote Patient Monitoring: How At-Capacity Hospitals Utilize Telehealth

Remote patient monitoring gives health providers the confidence to send recovering patients home 12 or 24 hours earlier, freeing up beds.

How to Approach U.S. Federal Telehealth Grants in 2021

Now that telehealth has become part of the “new normal” with coronavirus, healthcare institutions face a new challenge: How do we make sense of all this?

What’s On-Premises Video Hosting All About?

What’s On-Premises Video Hosting All About?

Even as the popularity of cloud-hosted video conferencing continues to rise, in some cases, the tried and true on-premises hosting can still be the best option. While cloud-hosting offers maximum flexibility for IT infrastructure and service usage, hosting solutions on-site provides unparalleled control and security.