Work Post-Pandemic and the Role of Video Communication

The feat of recovering from pandemic circumstances presents both challenges and opportunities. If leaders can leverage digital solutions to maximize productivity as well as the health and happiness of workers, they can position themselves to rebound as industry leaders in the new normal.

The True Costs of Free Video Platforms

To keep sensitive business and personal info secure, organizations and individuals need to be aware of the costs that may come with free video tools.

Medical University of South Carolina: Everything you Need to Know about This Hospital of the Future

Telehealth breaks all barriers and connects doctors, patients, staff members, and visitors in ways that not even person-to-person encounters can do. Hospitals that adapt to these digital communication opportunities will thrive in this market that’s more competitive than ever.

The Impact of Telehealth in Rural Areas

The Impact of Telehealth in Rural Areas

Telehealth is changing the way underserved communities in rural areas receive medical care by delivering health care through technology like computers and mobile phones. It helps diminish the barriers to care for people who live too far from specialists, people with limited mobility, or people who don’t have access to transportation.