Over the past few years, everyone from senior citizens and students to workforce professionals has learned the value that video communications can deliver. Likewise, legal technology, including legal video conferencing, virtual court hearings, electronic document sharing, and e-signatures, delivers the same value to the legal community. And forward-thinking law firms are getting the message. In fact, legal technology budgets are expected to increase threefold by 2025 in order to support workflows and address the demands for greater productivity.

A legal video conferencing solution with the right capabilities will empower lawyers and firms to improve overall practice efficiency by maximizing attorney time, securing attorney-client communications, and ensuring business continuity. But adapting to new ways of doing business can be a challenge. The good news is that video conferencing has come a long way since its early days, providing secure, clear, and easy-to-use communications.

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5 Key Areas to Shop for The Best Legal Video Conferencing Solution

The key areas lawyers and firms should consider when shopping for a legal video conferencing solution include:

  1. Practice security

Data privacy and security should be at the top of the list for many reasons. Most importantly, as legal professionals, you have access to sensitive client information, and your clients rely on you to safeguard that information. In addition, beyond securing client trust, you have ethical and regulatory duties to protect client data and report breaches if they occur. To address these concerns, law firms want to ensure the legal video conferencing platform they select has the highest level of security and encryption.


  1. Client relations

Speaking of client trust, at the heart of a law practice is the relationship the firm and its lawyers have with clients. To retain current clients and attract new ones, a firm must make every effort to build that trust. Firms can do this when virtually engaging with clients by using the most innovative, full-featured tools. For example, a seamless video conferencing experience shows your clients you value their time, building client confidence in your business.


  1. Attorney efficiency

According to Bloomberg Law, legal departments rank improving attorney efficiency as their top consideration when implementing new processes. A modern legal video conferencing solution helps to improve workflows, maximize the productivity of personnel across the firm, and drive efficiency gains. Cut the time needed for travel to court, outside counsel visits, or client meetings with virtual conferencing.


  1. Firm profitability

With greater efficiency comes the ability for firms to control costs and increase revenue. Make technology work for you so you can focus more on retaining and growing your client base. According to Bloomberg Law, 33% of survey respondents said their organization was able to increase billable hours by using legal technology.


  1. User-friendly technology

There’s no reason for complicated, hard-to-use tools in today’s advanced technical environment. Instead, ensure business continuity, grow your practice, and improve overall efficiency with an easy-to-use video conferencing platform that even the non-tech savvy people in the office can use.

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Empower your law firm with Vidyo’s legal video conferencing solution to communication and collaboration

Video conferencing tools, like Vidyo’s Virtual Courts and Justice, enables a wide range of use cases. From client communications, internal team collaboration, and court prep with clients or outside counsel to filming depositions and other virtual proceedings, Vidyo brings the convenience, cost savings, and enhanced access law firms seek.

Vidyo’s Virtual Courts and Justice video conferencing platform is secure by design. We maintain an information security governance policy that controls how confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information are handled. Our security and privacy features come with end-to-end encryption to keep your communication and private information safe. But top-notch security doesn’t have to mean it’s a challenge to use. With Vidyo, anyone in the firm can schedule, host, record, and archive meetings from a single location. And joining a meeting is as easy as a click of a button – there are no required apps to download. Our patented routing technology enables firms to connect with clients, outside counsel, and other team members with crystal clear, enterprise-grade video quality. Make your meetings more interactive with Vidyo’s user-friendly messaging, file sharing, screen sharing, and encrypted e-signature capabilities.

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