Three months ago, as a college student with limited time and money, I feared how I’d be able to interview for summer internships in my home state. Scheduling an in-person interview during business hours would have resulted in missed classes. My concerns were immediately dismissed when I was invited to a face-to-face remote interview over desktop video. It was a great experience; my interviewer screen-shared my resume as I explained my qualifications from the comfort of my dorm room. When I was offered the internship, I realized how the employee experience begins the moment a job candidate and HR make contact, and how that process is streamlined over video.

video conferencing on laptop

Hiring better people faster is one of the most critical challenges organizations face today. Interviewers often grasp at straws trying to evaluate an entire job candidate efficiently. The traditional process of starting with a phone interview is often imprecise and inefficient. And setting up in-person interviews — long before they are actually needed — can be disruptive.

On the other hand, video offers a faster, more personal and human alternative. Across industries, the war for talent is on — a needlessly lengthy, (and worse, impersonal) interview process might send your most talented candidates straight into the arms of your competitors.

Not only hard skills and experience are paramount for success in today’s business world — with increasingly dynamic workplaces, personality, beliefs and values play a larger role in hiring than ever. Using video throughout the applicant journey can help you quickly decide if this potential employee also has “soft skills” as they jump from department to department.

Via video, you can observe candidate behaviors. You can easily detect uncertainty and/or inauthenticity (which are not transparent over the phone), and discern if their organizational skills (i.e presentation, tidiness, etc.) and body language align with said beliefs and values.

The best part? The candidate can interview face-to-face with a larger number of people, thanks to the efficiency of video. As a result, you can verify and glean that much more of a clearer picture of who they are. Vidyo provides seamless transitions between members of a team; if an interviewer is extremely impressed with a prospective employee, then colleague after colleague can join the conversation with a single click — anytime, anywhere. Hiring decisions are often made by personnel from various departments located on different floors, offices or even countries. Interviewing in a virtual room eliminates the logistical headaches of getting a candidate in front of a dispersed team.

vidyo conferencing on the go

Time off work, expenses and travel are major deterrents for talented applicants. In-demand candidates from California may not be receptive to traveling to Chicago for an interview if no human relationship has been established. Video adds this human touch to your interview process, across titles and departments, from the get-go.

Video interviews enhance a candidate’s perception of a company. Conducting remote video interviews, when it makes sense, is viewed by Millennials as progressive, technologically savvy and creative. This gives a candidate a favorable glimpse into their potential employee experience. For my interview, I clicked the Vidyo link and the window popped up right in my browser. No downloads or plug-ins. I left the video call not only pleased with my interview, but excited about the technology I used. Vidyo-enabled interviews pave the way of the future!

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