Vidyo Summer 2018 InternsWhich Vidyo intern won the “Dinosaur Award” for being the only millennial without any social media accounts? And which intern took home the “Boomerang Award” for coming back for another summer?

These were just some of the amusing awards recently bestowed upon Vidyo’s team of 12 interns who participated in the company’s annual summer internship awards ceremony. The event, held on July 26 – National Intern Day – recognized the interns for their colorful personalities.

While the Hackensack, NJ-based company instills great fun in the program, it’s serious about providing the interns with real experience that contributes to the business. Interns work in a variety of departments, from Marketing to Engineering, Product Management, and Operations, to help the company execute on its mission to improve the way that the world communicates. A major aim of the intern program is to help the interns understand how their work improves business collaboration, increases customer satisfaction, and generates cost savings and increased revenue in such markets as healthcare and financial services.

Now in its third year, the success of Vidyo’s internship program is evident in the five interns who have been hired to date for full-time positions upon their college graduation. Now don’t spoil the surprise, but some of this years interns will also receive full-time offers. 

The program’s success is also found in the experience each intern has.

“My time at Vidyo has been so beneficial to upstarting my career,” said Ashley Cusberth, a rising junior at Florida Atlantic University and one of this summer’s participants. “Having a mentor who truly made it her job to expose me to as much of the field as possible has been such an amazing experience.”

“I’m extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to work at Vidyo,” said Julia Kornerup, a rising sophomore at Union College. “The experience as a whole has not only helped me learn more about the business world, but it’s also helped me learn a lot about myself. Over the course of the summer, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and independence, as well as a fantastic resume builder.” 

With no further ado, here are this year’s “winners”:

Ashley Cusberth – “Champagne Award” for having the most sparkling personality.

Briana Matus – “Dietician Award” for always having a delicious salad.

Charles Crow – “Dinosaur Award” for being the only millennial without any social media accounts.

Derek Sinke – “The Jim Halpert Award” for pulling the best pranks.

Ethan Wade – “Employee of the Month Award” for looking the most like a full-time employee.

Geet Kamat – “Cordless Award” for being the most likely to walk off with your iPhone charger.

Julia Kornerup – “Best Dressed Award” for wearing the sharpest outfits.

Kinnari Jasoliya – “Clean Slate Award” for not having to submit a single IT ticket.

Mit Patel – “Strongest Password Award” for having a password so complicated even he could never remember it.

Ray Kowalksi – “Boomerang Award” for coming back for another summer.

Shruti Mishra – “American Idol Award” for providing musical entertainment from her cubicle.

Udit Bhansali – “World Cup Award” for managing to complete all of his responsibilities while not missing a minute of the World Cup.

So if you’re a college student looking for a truly engaging internship program next year – or if you know of a student – you would do well to strongly consider Vidyo’s summer program.

The awards are fun, but the rewards are amazing.

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